About Us

Today’s supply chain leaders are being tasked with more responsibilities than ever before. At companies of all shapes and sizes across the world, supply chain managers now have responsibility for a multitude of decisions regarding fulfillment, logistics, customer service and all technology related to these functions. Supply chain leaders need to not only manage costs related to everything from procurement to the delivery of finished goods, but also identify creative ways to maximize their company's overall profitability.

It’s a lot to manage – and it can’t be done alone. It takes a capable team of experienced supply chain players to create success in today’s environment. That’s where we come in.

We’re SKULogic – a boutique supply chain consultancy with the experience and expertise to manage your supply chain challenges no matter how big or small. Whether you are seeking to select a new supply chain solution, implement a new supply chain system or engage support to help you get the most out a solution in place, we can help.

SKULogic offers the most knowledgeable supply chain experts in the field. Our leadership team has more than 55 years of combined experience working in both management and, research and development roles for numerous Fortune 500 companies. Our team has also played critical roles in the design and development of the industry’s top warehouse management software (Manhattan Associates’ WM iSeries and WMOS) by helping to build the product from scratch and supporting the delivery of 12 subsequent versions. Our consultants are seasoned – each member has an average 12+ years of hands-on experience with Manhattan products – and collectively, we have participated in 40+ system go-lives.